ZAKMINA (XXX, Ombra International)

DJ Set

Territory: Worldwide

Zakmina is Lukas Zeringis, a 23 years old lithuanian born producer and dj.  Lukas started at a very young age to collect records and dj and spent most of his time in the studio making sonic explorations and turning ideas into music. His unique way of mixing all manner of dance music from the past, present, and future makes a lasting impression on music lovers and dancers.
Since 2018 Zakmina has been releasing music on different labels such us XXX, Ombra International, Roam, Nein, Night Noise or Sulk Magic. And even Lukas is still a newcomer, he’s already becoming recognised for his personal approach to the club music scene.  Combining elements from different styles, electro, synth wave, techno, disco or post punk, he creates accurate darts for the dance floor. An invitation to dance as proved by different tastemakers such us Dixon, Andrew Weatherall, ManfredasJennifer Cardini or Curses to name a few.