Undo (Gabriel Berlanga) releases his third album Disconnect, with ten songs written, recorded and produced
during 2015 and 2016.

Title: Disconnect LP
Release date: 15th Nov. 2016
Label: Factor City
Format: Double vinyl and digital
Catalog n.º: FC051
Released: 15th November 2016
Behind the conception of the album there is an idea that lead us back to the basis of music: its capability to boost our
moods and empower our decisions and roles. Disconnect is a charming long-player that brings electronic music to
whom it belongs: those clubbers and electronic music lovers that surpass hedonism and keep moving on. Connecting
and disconnecting, they take care of what’s going on in their world and strive to make it better.
The album is not about any one style or sound in particular. Undo blends different influences using both new and old
analogue gear combined with digital plug-ins and FX to create his own recognizable sound. With more than 10 years
on the road, the long term Razzmatazz (The Loft and Lolita) resident has played in some of the best clubs and
festivals around the globe. He’s one of the leading Catalan tastemakers in dance music and his Dj sets have
influenced a generation of clubbers in Spain. His career has seen him releasing via well-respected labels such as
Correspondant, Areal, My Favorite Robot and Beachcoma. He has remixed and been remixed by the likes of Paul
Kalkbrenner, Agoria, Ellen Allien, Fairmont, Miss Kittin, Kris Menace and Nhar to name a few.
Opening track “Disconnect” finds Undo playing with psychedelic synths and singing shyly: “Life is everything that
happens around while watching a screen”. Similar messages continue with the funny, funky and sexy “Computer
Friends”. We also hear his vocals with a very different mood on “Autómatas”, an electro cut that demands a reaction
against the established injustice. “In Spain we saved the Banks with our money while the Banks were throwing people away from their homes. But still a lot of people are voting for the same criminals”.
There’re vocals as well on the last track of the album, this time with an epic vocoder. At the end “We’ve Got To
Fight”.You’ll also find time for escapism and hedonism throughout the album because, after all, we all want to have
fun. Djs will likely gravitate toward the unstoppable trance synth of “The Arptist”, the chug-techno tension on “Acid
Prophet”, the shuffled beats and endless harmony of “Setembre” and the dreamy melodies of “Interferencias” and
“Sunmachine”. In order to create you need to disconnect, get away from the noise and get close to what really matters: the beat, the harmony, the rythm.
Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.—Ray Bradbury