DIMITRI VEIMAR (Turbo Recordings / Omnidisc)

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Territory: Worldwide


Dimitri Veimar releases his second Ep on Turbo Recordings, “Agung”

Dimitri Veimar – Less Talk Ep (Turbo Recordings) Out 5th May



Dimitri Veimar is the kind of musical discovery that, were I were a religious man, I would go to bed and pray for every night. Modern day acid house that stays below the 120BPM mark but retains a certain punch whilst having an air of techno cool and swagger to it.” – Daniel Avery talking to Dummy

High praise indeed from an artist who knows all about making an impact. It was Dimitri’s remix of Avery’s ‘Water Jump’ that announced his talent to the world. Produced without the original parts, Veimar constructed a rework that immediately won the heart of its original creator.

For the 30 minutes a day he is not trading in politically moderate Twitter-bot futures, Veimar produces dark, raw-dog electro and breakbeat. He has already released music with Omnidisc, Renate and the next EP which is called “Less Talk” is coming out on Turbo recordings  by the 5th of may.