DAMON JEE (Correspondant / Critical Monday Records)

DJ Set

Territory: Worldwide

There is not substitute for experience, and we are all the product of our influences. Damon Jee is the embodiment of that statement. Over the last 20 years, he has carved a career in a very unassuming way, unintentionally writing an exciting chapter for the global electronic music scene. He is the journeyman who managed to shine brighter by staying true to himself, a musical alchemist experimenting with different sounds to create a deadly new potion. Today, the producer is considered the leading exponent of a fresh and exciting new scene many are calling Dark Disco.

Getting his start in the studio fellow Frechman Olivier Giacomoto, the duo became leading players on the then-booming electro house scene with an impressive run of productions and labels like Definitive and CR2. As he started producing more solo works, Jee naturally veered towards his rebellious heritage growing up on nineties rock and industrial bands like Nine Inch Nails, The Pixies, Nirvana and more. The organic appeal of live rock seeped into his productions: distorted guitars gliding atop fat, off-beat and two-fingered picked bass, all framed within a foundation of percussion and drums that carries Damon Jee’s perfectly engineered and distinct sound. The music released under his NOZZ moniker is soaked in this unique and heavy-duty sound: powerful productions which double up as heat-seeking missiles aimed straight at the dancefloor’s heart.

It was his remix of Pardon Moi‘s “Power to People” that really saw a rise in the likeable Frenchman’s profile. It has it all: trance melodies and cosmic chords, a confidant rock stomp coiled with electronic euphoria, and robotic vocals gleefully riding a wave of energetic drums. It received support from the world’s tastemakers including Solomun, Job Jose and HAAi, introducing Damon Jee to a brand new audience.

Today his singular sound can be heard on the underground’s most sought-after labels including Roam, Hafendisko, Suara and Sincopat to name a few. huge support came iin the form of Jennifer Cardini who singed his massive three-track Chamaniac Ep to her Correspondant Records. The Ep received support from various corners of electronic music sphere with diverse group of DJs from Andrew Weatheral to Chris Liebing to Joris Voorn all getting around it.

The natural evolution of Damon Jee leads to the recent launch of his label, Critical Monday. The new imprint will explore Damon Jee’s distinctive sound even further. The first release is from Damon Jee and Alvaro Cabana under their Holographic Planes moniker, a three-track dance floor bomb featuring and equally effective remix from Jennifer Cardini. With upcoming releases from Curses, Autartkic, Fairmont and of course, Damon Jee, the label is set to become a go-to for those looking to ignite any dancefloor.

Today Damon Jee is slotting perfectly into his role as bona fide headliner. Years of experience ensure each set is delivered with confidant ease and professionalism that sets him apart. Headlining clubs and events from Spain to Australia to Mexico, Damon Jee is set to spearhead a new generation of electronic music lovers who aren’t afraid to cross-pollinate for a thrilling new sound.