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Ricardo Tobar announces new EP

We’re always happy about new releases!

New Ep from Ricardo Tobar out on the 20th October:

UNDO at Fort Festival

This Friday 15th September UNDO will be playing at Fort Festival.

Great line up and location!


Friday 15th Switchdance at Lux curated by Ben UFO

This Friday 15th September SWITCHDANCE will play at home, Lux.

A very promising night curated by Ben UFO!


UNDO Live at Eufonic Festival

We’ve enjoyed so much UNDO’s first live act ever at Eufonic Festival…!

Visuals by Xavi Bové.

Pics by Alba Rupérez

UNDO_live_eufonic UNDO_live_eufonic2

Petar Dundov and Undo together at The Loft, Razzmatazz, Barcelona

This Friday 25th August, we’ll waste our boots dancing under their rules:


Switchdance first time in Tunisia!

This friday will be first time for Switchdance in Tunisia.
He will be playing for the lovely people from Soundsource at Hotel Regency Beach Club.


UNDO at Paradigm Festival

This festival looks pretty pretty nice!

UNDO will be performing at Paradigm Festival at Amateur Recordings Stage next Sunday 13th August.


Come and dance with us!

Switchdance All Night Long at Moog in Barcelona

We love wednesdays, specially when it’s related to one of our favorite clubs in the universe: Moog Club

Wednesday 9th August, Switchdance @ Moog all night long. 


Come and dance with us!

Envolvent Club with Zombies in Miami and Undo

We’re very happy with the line up at our Envolvent Club party next Friday 4rth August at Lolita (Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona):


UNDO announces a new A/V show

We’re delighted to know about next UNDO & XAVI BOVE A/V Show.

Saturday 2nd of September at Eufonic Festival in Tarragona, Spain.

Expect something diferent!