July, 2017

UNDO announces a new A/V show

We’re delighted to know about next UNDO & XAVI BOVE A/V Show.

Saturday 2nd of September at Eufonic Festival in Tarragona, Spain.

Expect something diferent!


Jonathan Kusuma releases “Motor Melodies” on Correspodant

We love the new Jonathan Kusuma‘s track, “Motor Melodies” out now on Correspondant Summer Compilation sharing trackist with artists such as  Red Axes, Marving & Guy, Man Power and many more.


Listen and dance here:

Switchdance invites Patrice Baumel and Fango at Lux Lisbon

Friday 14th July Switchdance invites Patrice Baumel and Fango at Lux Lisbon.


Undo at La Dame Noir in Marseille

Next Friday 14th July UNDO will be playing at one of our favorite clubs in France: La Dame Noir.

Come and dance with us!

la dame logo original

Switchdance’s new mix for Deep House Amsterdam

Because weekend never ends, here you can listen a brand new Switchdance mix for Deep House Amsterdam.

Dimitri Veimar’s podcast for Turbo Recordings

We’ve been dancing (and working) all day long at the office today, and one of the highlights has been Dimitri Veimar‘s new podcast for Turbo Recordings.

Check it here: